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Complete network systems to cover most requirements can be designed, installed and maintained. These can be a simple Local Area Network (LAN) of a few workstations connected to a local server and sharing resources like printers and Internet; or a large Wide Area Network (WAN) covering geographically dispersed offices with workstations and servers, possibly with links to associated company’s networks and databases which may be employing different operating systems. In particular, we are experienced at networking Apple Macs and PCs together in the same network.

Geographically dispersed sites can be linked by Internet VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunneling technology using all manner of Internet connections, ADSL, SDLS, Leased line private circuits, or Wireless connections; then applications operated across the office links or using Citrix type Terminal Server technologies to maintain high speed operation at all times.

We can maintain you network cabling, systems supported are CAT-5e, CAT-6, Fibre and WiFi utilising full security & encrypting technologies.

Phone systems are becoming closer integrated into the computer networks with the evolution of reliable VoIP (Voice over IP) systems, we can work with your phone maintainer to integrate your phone & computers, or we can provide business grade VoIP phone systems at a fraction of the cost of many phone companies.

What our clients say...

I did quite a bit of research to find the right company to undertake the task of turning my vision into a professional, easy to navigate website, and eventually settled on LSA Technology. From the moment I talked with them, I had a good feeling that they were right for me. Over the coming weeks we worked together, bounced ideas between ourselves until the site reflected what I visualised.

Stephen E Wise

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